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STaF Athletics is working very hard to build a community focused on sacrifice, teamwork, and faith. By combining seasoned coaching and guidance with strong Christian values, we aim to develop our program’s participants into high caliber athletes with unmatched conviction. Our youth are faced with complex obstacles on a daily basis and it’s important that they are equipped with strong character in order to overcome those challenges. There are countless programs for participants of all ages that offer competitive sports events across our country. For those of us involved, we know the immeasurable amount of value these programs serve when those participants have an opportunity to learn vital life lessons and develop essential skills outside of the fitness benefits. Unfortunately, most of us also know how often the wrong messages are emphasized, perspective is lost, and how often incredible opportunities of development for life on and off the field are missed. STaF Athletics is a place where these opportunities will be approached and embraced while using Christian principles to provide final guidance.


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